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Earth building is old and at home in many countries around the world. It has produced fascinating and durable buildings such as the tall houses in Sanaa (Yemen).  

Clay building is versatile and ranges from the most diverse straw clay techniques of old half-timbered buildings to homogeneous walls using the corrugated technique, shaped bricks made of unbaked clay and load-bearing homogeneous walls made of rammed clay.  

This natural material, which is found almost everywhere, is fascinating in its haptic and special way of processing and, as a result, in its aesthetic quality. 

At times, one could have the impression that buildings have grown out of the earth and merge naturally into the landscape. 

The building material also has outstanding physical and climatic properties. It regulates humidity, purifies the air, protects against electromagnetic waves above a certain thickness and has a high heat storage capacity. Clay can be recycled again and again and is therefore one of the most ecological materials from a life cycle perspective (LCA). Clay combines so many criteria relevant to architecture like no other material. That is why we love rammed clay construction with its outstanding creative expression. 

Clay building, and rammed clay building in particular, requires special expertise. It has its own structural laws that are not comparable with other materials. We have spent many years researching and implementing these laws and know how to apply them skilfully.