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Social change requires new planning ideas and a different approach to architecture that meets people's differentiated needs and integrates them into the planning process. We have been practising a participatory planning process very successfully for over 40 years and support self-using clients who organize themselves in building cooperatives. organise themselves into building cooperatives. In building cooperative projects, the builders join together as individuals to form a building group and can therefore act like a large company. We provide support at an early stage with the selection of plots or applications.  

The advantages of the building community are: lower construction costs, as there are no profits for investors and planning can be more efficient, land transfer tax is only payable on the land. It is also convenient if you know your neighbors. The floor plans are largely developed individually and shared areas reduce the amount of space required for your own floor plan.

The legal form can vary and with it the status of owner, cooperative, tenant or limited partner.