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Through modern processing and manufacturing techniques, timber construction has made a great step forward in terms of architectural applications. In addition to traditional construction methods, such as timber frame construction, solid timber construction has established itself in the past few years, creating completely new architectural possibilities thanks to large solid timber panels.

Walls or ceilings made of solid timber are load-bearing and can be used straight away as a finished surface. Thanks to prefabrication, this enables fast, simple, economical and creative architecture.

Solid timber has very good climatic properties, a high heat storage capacity, a good insulation value and therefore reduces the need for additional insulation. Timber stores a lot of CO2, which is removed from the material cycle, making it particularly climate-relevant.  

Correctly designed, timber construction is easy to dismantle and the components can be reused.    

For these reasons, we believe that timber construction is currently the most important contribution of architecture to climate change. In addition to these global, social and ecological aspects, modern timber construction enables a wide range of design and application possibilities, such as adding storeys to buildings and redensification.