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Knowledge, curiosity, experimentation and the fixed idea that sustainable and appropriate architecture is created where the old and proven is combined with the good new to form an alliance inevitably leads us as architects into the field of applied research. That is why we stretch the boundaries of thinking and acting and work in new ways with old, natural materials - such as timber, clay, straw or stone. We consider how we can combine natural climate factors with new technology and do all this with little effort and high efficiency. In this way, we are creating a new aesthetic and preserve the earth's resources.

We are looking at a We are committed to our social responsibility to achieve fairness in a global context. Which is why we are not only researching and developing new architectural solutions in Germany, but also for example for Colombia, Vietnam and Borneo (Indonesia). Professor Andreas Löffler contributes many of these research and development ideas to teaching and research at the Faculty of Architecture at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT), which has led to a whole series of innovative real-life projects. The knowledge gained there flows into our professional practice and provides inspiration for innovative projects at the architecture studio.