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Building with clay bricks and bamboo three-layer panels, Colombia

In co-operation with local companies, we have developed a construction system for this research project that consists of two elements:

Reinforced, earthquake-resistant masonry made of highly compressed clay bricks with three per cent cement content
Hollow core slabs and roofs consisting of elemental three-layer panels made of bamboo

These raw materials can be found locally. There are also factories for the production of three-layer panels made from Guadua bamboo. The roof and ceiling elements are lightweight, can be prefabricated with simple tools and are a substitute for the expensive, usually defectively manufactured, complex concrete ceilings. All materials are readily available natural materials. The components can be produced with little effort and installed without errors. The indoor climate is exemplary.
A textbook was produced and in a workshop in Bogotá, trade teachers from all over Colombia were trained in the use and production of the system at SENA's training centre.

Location Bogotá, Colombia
Completion 2014
Project participants Prof Andreas Löffler (Project Manager), Andrés Córdoba Tejada (Research Associate), Rainer Zoller (Research Associate)
Miscellaneous Cooperation between the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and Swisscontact