Residential development, Königsberger Straße, western section, Karlsruhe - Waldstadt

Urban development

It is important to us to create a place that provides an appropriate structural prelude to Königsberger Strasse and has the socio-spatial prerequisites to develop an active neighbourhood. In the best case scenario, a small community will emerge.

The campus idea arose from these basic ideas.

Thanks to its design, the neighbourhood square is the place of highest accessibility and the heart of the neighbourhood. This creates a place for casual encounters as a prerequisite for in-depth interaction and communication.

In addition, as many old trees as possible will be preserved and the spatial sequence along Königsberger Strasse consisting of the following spatial developments will be continued: green space - adventure space - green space, will be continued and interpreted in a contemporary way.

The ensemble consists of small, socially manageable buildings.

For example, it would also be possible to allocate individual buildings to alternative interest groups (e.g. building groups). The neighbourhood square widens towards the south. The turning of the southern building creates a widening towards Königsberger Strasse.

The exit to the underground car park is also located at this unproblematic traffic point. To the north, the campus can be connected via the row of shops (idea section). The position of the buildings to the west opens up the view from the square to the nearby Hardtwald forest. The evening sun can shine deep into the neighbourhood square.

Neighbourhood perception and land use

On the west side, the gables of the buildings will be positioned as close as possible to the property boundary on Königsberger Strasse so that the neighbourhood is already structurally present at the entrance and has an address. The underground car park, which lies beneath the neighbourhood square, can therefore be located in the area of the demolished building. No trees need to be felled for the underground car park.

The arrangement of the buildings creates visual axes that allow permeability into the neighbourhood. The linear eastern development encloses the green space and thus preserves the unique character of Waldstadt.

Free space

The open space is clearly differentiated into private and "semi-public" areas. A range of everyday uses are organised on and around the neighbourhood square. These promote communication between users in an effortless way. Rubbish bins and bicycle parking spaces are located on busy paths and are therefore subject to a certain degree of social control, which serves to ensure safety and maintenance. The private garden zones or loggias are designed so that people can spend time there undisturbed. Private and semi-public areas are differentiated in terms of height.


For us, architecture of appropriateness is also expressed in architecture that is not consumed by fashion and proven urban development. Considering the socio-spatial and typological experiences of the past, the aim is to transform them in a contemporary way. We are therefore planning small, highly flexible buildings with a length of 23-30 metres. All flats are interconnected and generally have external bathrooms. The development is accessed via fully landscaped pergolas with high amenity qualities. The planting is guaranteed by a simple, low-maintenance irrigation system and regulates itself as required. As the buildings are relatively small and the neighbourhood is well known, it seems realistic that these pergolas will be used as open spaces. The floor plan typology is very flexible. Within the primary structure proposed by us, a wide range of flat sizes and the resulting flat keys and number of flats can be realised (see explanation of the flat key on the plans). For the design, we have primarily orientated ourselves to the specifications of the tender; later changes would be very easily possible within our primary structure.

Location Königsberger Straße, Karlsruhe
Building owner Volkswohnung Karlsruhe
Competition year 2019
Miscellaneous Realisation competition with ideas section