Villa Stroh, Stuttgart

For the 35th German Protestant Church Congress 2015 in Stuttgart, students under the direction of Professor Andreas Löffler realised the Villa Stroh, a building in which children are told stories. The location was the Stadtgarten, directly next to the main entrance of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. It was a temporary building made entirely from natural materials, primarily compressed straw bales. All materials were recycled and the construction was reused elsewhere. The building was so popular with both visitors to the church congress and the townspeople that it was not dismantled after five days, but stood for a whole three months. It was only dismantled because nobody wanted to take responsibility for its permanent use. The preceding test phase before the actual realisation also proved that buildings made of compressed straw bales with up to two storeys can be realised.

Location Stuttgart, Stadtgarten (temporary)
Completion 2015