Wooden tower - Friedrichsdorf eco-settlement


The "timber tower" appraisal process in the Friedrichsdorf eco-settlement near Frankfurt was enthusiastically handled by the office. Firstly, variants were developed in the office's internal competition, then their advantages and disadvantages were studied and weighed up. In the process, a resolved variant prevailed: A building consisting of two slender towers that are in dialogue with each other and the surroundings and form a striking address. At the same time, the urban grain of the neighbourhood is taken up. The staggered structures of the towers adopt the language of the neighbourhood and form a conclusion with their high point. The central theme is an intuitive, bright and friendly access axis that leads from the basement to the elevated site.

The separation of load-bearing and space-creating structures creates a building that is variable and customisable. The construction method is also hybrid thanks to the targeted use of timber and concrete. The façade reveals a deliberately constructive timber-bellied character with diagonals spanning all storeys.

Entrance situation

The sloping ramp to access the basement with an inviting entrance patio is continued by a staircase that naturally leads to the ground floor level. In combination with a water basin and seating under a tree, this creates a high-quality recreational area. In addition to its design function as a two-layered energy pond, the water basin also contributes to the building's energy concept. The central emergency staircase with lift provides access to both towers, which are connected by walkways. The rather closed north-east sides face the open south-west sides with large open spaces and an emphasis towards Frankfurt.

Alternative use

In the southern structure, an internal, communal area for meetings, culture, childcare and more can be realised in the spirit of socially sustainable architecture for owner-occupiers instead of a flat.

Location Friedrichsdorf, Hildegard-von-Bingen-Straße
Building owner FRANK Projektentwicklung Rhein-Main GmbH
Construction method Wood hybrid
Competition year 2021
Miscellaneous Cooperative expert procedure (multiple commissioning)